Live your Kamehameha-blasting dream with 'Dragon Ball Z' VR

Finally, the simulator your inner 12-year-old always wanted.

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David Lumb
April 14, 2017 4:06 PM

Somewhere high on the list of childhood fantasies is the dream to hurl balls of energy from your hands. Capcom knows this urge, which is why they stuck a Hadoken-throwing simulator in their Ultra Street Fighter II Nintendo Switch port. But the king of palm-fired ki blasts has stepped up to the technological plate. A Dragon Ball Z-themed VR headset is coming out along with a downloadable mobile app so you can toss virtual Kamehamehas until your inner child is sated.

The Japanese toy maker Mega House is behind the gimmicky release, which also includes hand sensors and a VR mat. Like the Gear VR, the DBZ headset runs completely off your smartphone, but at least it has a sweet Capsule Corps design. Judging by the trailer, the VR experience looks to be split between a cel-shaded adventure within locations from the show and an AR overlay for you to simulate Saiyan destruction in the real world.

According to Kotaku, the whole kit and game, called BotsNew Characters VR Dragonball Z, will come out in Japan for 12,000 yen (or about $110). Now if someone could finally release a magical girl VR experience...

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