You can wake up Microsoft's Surface Studio by talking to it

"Hey Cortana," can now turn on your PC.


Waking up your PC from sleep is as easy as tapping the touchscreen, moving the mouse or pressing a button on the keyboard -- but if you have a Microsoft Surface Studio, it just got even easier. Thanks to a new audio driver update, Studio owners can now wake their machine by simply calling out for Microsoft's digital assistant. As long as you have the Windows 10 Creator Update and the latest patch, all you have to do is say the assistant's keywords: "Hey Cortana."

It's a simple change, but pretty handy. Until now, the wake phrase would only turn the screen on while it was fullly powered up -- but the new update allows the user to call the machine out of a lower power sleep mode, making it easier to use Cortana as an in-home voice assistant for casual searches. Well, at least when you're in the same room as a Surface Studio. Microsoft's Amazon Echo competitor isn't due out until sometime later this year.