A new 'Life is Strange' game is in the works

The time-traveling adventure series is getting a sequel.

Dontnod Entertainment

The episodic, time-bending teenage drama of Life is Strange is coming back for a second season. Developer Dontnod Entertainment confirmed the news in a brief YouTube video, but said little about the premise or when it will be released. "We've been working since the release of the boxed version last year on a new Life is Strange game, with the Life is Strange team, and we cannot wait to share more with you," Luc Baghadoust, executive producer teased. The original game has now passed the 3 million mark, which no doubt helped with the decision to green-light a sequel.

The original Life is Strange revolves around Max Caulfield, a photography student living in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay. She discovers the ability to rewind time and is soon swept up in a mystery concerning her classmates and the faculty at Blackwell Academy, a school specializing in science and the arts. It's a narrative-driven adventure game that serves up basic puzzles through a dynamic time travel mechanic. Pulling the trigger reveals a meter with dots that represent pivotal points in time — release at one of these and you'll have the option to step in and change something.

It's a brilliant coming-of-age story filled with interesting characters and messy, believable relationships. Admittedly, the dialogue can be a little rough, but the underlying emotions always manage to shine through. A sequel could continue Max's story or focus on an entirely new set of characters. A different time in Arcadia Bay, perhaps, or another city altogether. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to find out.