'Age of Empires' is getting a 4K upgrade

It's not the sequel you want, but it's a start.

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Hey, Blizzard: you're not the only developer that can remaster a classic real-time strategy game. Microsoft has unveiled Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, a rework of Ensemble Studio's history-based conquer-the-map title. Graphics and sound get the obvious improvements with 4K resolution support, higher-detail visuals and a remastered soundtrack, but there are some functional improvements, too. There's a new narrative, Xbox Live multiplayer, new zoom levels (no more panning around to see a large-scale fight) and other unspecified gameplay improvements.

Microsoft is offering a chance to beta-test the Definitive Edition ahead of its launch later in 2017. This isn't the sequel that Age of Empires veterans want, but take heart: there's supposed to be more news at an event at Germany's Gamescom in late August. This definitely isn't the end of Microsoft's efforts to revive the franchise.

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