LG's enhanced G6+ has more storage and premium sound

An update gives G6 owners "Face Print" unlocking and a lower-power mode.

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LG's G6 is a nice smartphone that has sold pretty well so far, but with the arrival of Samsung's stellar Galaxy S8, it's trying to keep consumers interested with a few changes and a new model. First off, it has launched the G6+, an identical model to the original but with more onboard memory (128GB) and "premium sound." It gets the latter option via a new 32-bit HiFi quad DAC that has been available in South Korea since launch, but oddly, never came to North America.

LG is also throwing in a set of unnamed Bang & Olufsen earphones that fully support the DAC so that you have something to appreciate it with. Some models will also get wireless charging, a feature that has been available in the US from the get-go. However, and again this is pretty weird, LG didn't say which regions will get which features, and where exactly it'll be sold -- but we imagine North America will be high on the list.

Aside from the G6+, current G6 owners will get a bunch of new features, most notable "Face Print" a way to unlock the phone just by holding it up to your face. LG promises that "unlocking occurs as soon as the registered face is recognized, usually in less than one second on average." Another new feature, "low power consumption" might help users get more mileage out of the G6's fairly feeble battery, and a "covered lens warning" will tell you if your finger is in front of the wide-angle rear camera.

Other sites have reported that LG will start shipping a version of the G6 with 6GB of RAM, but LG didn't mention that in its PR, and if that's accurate, it would likely only be available in Korea -- much like the 6GB version of Samsung's Galaxy S8.

Finally, LG has launched some new colors for the LG G6 and G6+, "optical marine blue" and "optical terra gold." The LG G6+ will launch in South Korea early next month and come to other regions after that. -- hopefully we'll learn more about pricing and who gets which features, soon.

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