Spotify hopes you'll create shared playlists in Facebook Messenger

Your friends don't need Spotify to add songs.

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It can be fun to create shared playlists on streaming music services -- it's a window into your friends' tastes. You don't necessarily want to wade through an app to add tracks, though, and they usually shut out pals who can't use the service. That's where Spotify thinks it can save the day. It's launching a Group Playlists chat extension in Facebook Messenger that lets anyone in a chat add songs to the queue, even if they're not using Spotify. Once someone has started one of these collective playlists, you just have to tap a button to start adding tracks.

The addition is bound to be helpful for parties -- your friends can add to the mix using an app they already have. It's also good for discovering new songs in your social circle. It's no secret as to why Spotify wants this: it could not only encourage you to stream more often, but expose Spotify to friends who might be new to the service. And when there are nearly 2 billion Facebook users, that's a lot of potential listeners.

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