LG's 77-inch Wallpaper TV is selling for the low, low price of $20k

The screen is one-fifth of an inch thick. Wow.

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LG Electronics USA
LG Electronics USA

LG's W-series "Picture-on-Wall" TVs wowed us at CES, but we knew the massive 65-inch and 77-inch hyperthin screens would cost a mint. Especially since last year's top-of-the-line G-series started at $5,000. Wonder no longer, screen aficionados: The larger 77-inch-wide W-series will retail for $20,000.

To be fair, you're getting incredible visuals on a colossal screen about one-fifth of an inch thick that is wall-mountable (and only wall-mountable -- sorry, stand fans) via magnets. It doesn't even have space for ports: Those are on a companion sound bar, which connects to the TV by thin cable. Given those limitations (and the jaw-dropping price), the screen supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and all major HDR formats. You could lower your ambitions for the 65-inch W-series model, which only costs $8,000, but how much are you willing to sacrifice for your perfect home theater experience?

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