Apple wants you to gussy up your Clips videos with Disney art

What video couldn't use more Mickey? (Don't answer that.)

Apple's Clips is a neat experiment in video creation, and it seems pretty popular, too -- the company says "millions" of people use it each month. For Apple's sake, here's hoping a lot of them are Disney fans. The company just released a new Clips update full of Disney animations and overlays, all to gussy up videos made by those devoted to the House of Mouse.

After all, what short social video wouldn't benefit from having Minnie Mouse dancing in a corner, or Jesse from Toy Story twirling a lasso? (Don't worry: there are other new icons that aren't Disney-related.) Beyond these little, animated icons, Apple also worked with Disney to create Pixar-themed posters -- those full-screen overlays with animated backgrounds and text you can customize. In case you're the type to keep track, we're looking at 12 new posters for your Disney delectation.

Unsurprisingly, an Apple spokesperson said the company has received requests for other ( unspecified) characters to get the Clips animation treatment. While the spokesperson wouldn't confirm that these sorts of Clips partnerships would extend beyond Disney, the company's focus on adding more content to the app make such deals seem possible, if not likely.

All that Disney stuff aside, the most immediately useful change -- for power users, anyway -- is an easier way to edit Live Titles. Those are the auto-magically generated subtitles that pop up while you're talking, and they can be surprisingly accurate when you make it a point to enunciate well. When it falls short, though, users can now just tap a button to jump straight into editing mode rather than tapping a clip with Live Titles, then tapping the text and then tweaking as needed.

If you're a Clips fan, you might want to check out the App Store and claim your update. And if you're not? Well, you'll have a little trouble avoiding the app in the future -- Apple recently started pre-loading Clips onto all new iOS devices.