Petcube's $249 treat cam goes on sale next week

Now good boys and girls can get treats even when their masters are out.

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Petcube has released a new pet camera, and it can do so much more than its typical counterparts. You can use it not just to monitor your furry BFFs, but also to toss them treats, talk to them and share their shenanigans on Facebook Live. Petcube Bites is the company's third interactive camera, and it's much bigger than its predecessors, since its body is a high capacity container than can hold two pounds of doggie or cat noms. It can even notify you when treats are running low, and in the near future, you'll be able to buy a refill on Amazon from within the Petcube app.

The device's camera has night vision, wide angle lens, digital zoom and can record in 1080p. In addition, Bite has sound and motion alerts, as well as two-way audio, all of which you can control with Petcube's iOS or Android application. Here's the fun part, though: you can fling treats on the app's screen à la Angry Birds for your pet to catch.

Petcube first introduced the Bite treat cam as a Kickstarter project back in 2016. Now, everyone who missed the crowdfunding can get one for $249 from the company's website, Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers.

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