Giphy's GIF-making tool is now available in your mobile browser

Make your own animated images on the go without needing to download an app.

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David Lumb
July 25th, 2017
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Last October, Giphy reported that users made 100 million daily users serving 1 billion GIFs per day. But how many of those views -- and creations -- are on mobile? The moving image repository site has updated its GIF Maker to work while viewing from a device or smartphone, allowing mobile users to make joke animations on the go.

Simply go to the GIF Maker site while on mobile and add in a sequence of images from your camera roll, taken using your phone's lens or pasting in a URL. After that, you can caption your newly-created GIF, add stickers and glitter, and draw on them. While you won't find the creative image-altering effects on desktop, the biggest boon of the tool's mobile browser version is likely creating GIFs without needing to download and finagle an app.

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