Facebook News Feed will direct you to faster-loading links

You should see fewer slowpoke stories on the social network.

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It's not just bogus articles that can make your Facebook News Feed seem like a minefield -- it's also frustrating when a friend shares a web link that takes... forever... to... load. Thankfully, Facebook is as tired of twiddling its thumbs as you are. The social network is updating the News Feed over the months ahead to give higher priority to web links that load quickly on mobile devices. Facebook will gauge the speed on a handful of factors, including the quality of your own internet connection as well as the overall load times for a given page.

The company doesn't expect this to play havoc with most professional Facebook pages, but it could hurt those pages that link to "particularly slow" websites. Of course, that's likely the reason why Facebook is making this change in the first place: it doesn't want users to grow frustrated with pokey links, and potentially with Facebook itself. The prioritization on speed could spur web developers to better-optimize their pages for mobile users, especially in countries where fast cellular data is rare or non-existent.

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