Newton email app keeps things tidy with a Priority Inbox-like tool

It’s a great addition, but the $50/year price tag is still too much.

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Nathan Ingraham/AOL
Nathan Ingraham/AOL

If you've wished you had the ability to use Priority Inbox and Tabs features in non-Gmail accounts, well, you're in luck. Newton's Tidy Inbox feature is now available across iOS, Android and Mac devices.

The aim of Tidy Inbox is similar to Priority Inbox: It weeds out less important items such as newsletters and social media updates; the idea is to make sure you focus on your most important emails first. And it works with any email account, from Gmail to your custom domain. But what sets this feature apart from Gmail, according to product manager Umesh Gopinath, is that it's specifically not smart. It doesn't try to automatically determine what emails you want to and don't want to see, leaving you at risk of missing important emails. You tell Tidy Inbox what categories (social media emails, for example) should skip the inbox and show up in the Low Priority folder.

If you haven't heard of Newton, we took the app on a test drive last year. Our Deputy Managing Editor was impressed by just about everything -- the interface, the efficiency and the email management experience were all stellar. The price point, though, is what gave him pause: a $50 per year fee. It's got a lot of features, from Undo Send to Send Later to snoozing emails, but it's hard to justify that hefty price tag. Still, if you're a current Newton user, or interested in trying it out, the addition of this feature is likely welcome news.

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