Shazam brings its music-recognition skills to Samsung TVs

You'll never wonder about the name of that TV song again.

Samsung and Shazam have partnered up to put an end to the head-scratching torment of hearing an unidentifiable song on TV. Samsung's newest update for its 2017 smart TV platform will give viewers access to Shazam at the click of a button, allowing them to identify the title, artist and lyrics of a song playing on screen. This can happen live, or via content delivered through HDMI. Viewers can also speak "what is this song?" into the Samsung One Remote to access information, plus stream the music they identify and create playlists that can be accessed without running an external app.

This is a logical step for Shazam, which has regained relevance in recent times by adding extra content to TV advertising. And of course it's a win for Samsung TV viewers, who will no longer have to scramble for their phones to launch the app when they hear a tune they like on-screen. And for the relatives of the less technologically-inclined (hi, mom!), who frequently spend months hunting down a particular song based on a single vague lyric playing in the background of a generic soap scene.

"We are excited to integrate Shazam's functionality with another medium that's enjoyed by so many people around the world," said Fabio Santini, Shazam chief product officer. "Smart TVs felt like a natural evolution for the Shazam experience. We can't wait for viewers and Shazam users alike to try this new feature."