Acer's Switch 7 hybrid tablet has dedicated graphics without a fan

You won't have to give up fast video to get a quiet tablet.

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Acer's Switch 5 tablet wasn't something to write home about. The kickstand was clever, but what else was there to lure you away from, say, a Surface Pro? The company has a better answer today. It's launching a slew of new PCs at IFA 2017, and the headliner has to be the Switch 7 Black Edition. While the 13.5-inch slate is larger and heavier (2.5lbs) than the Switch 5, it's also the first fanless 2-in-1 to pack dedicated graphics -- in this case NVIDIA's GeForce MX150. You probably won't be playing Destiny 2 on this machine, but the extra visual oomph should help with video streaming and creative apps while giving you enough peace and quiet to concentrate.

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Other tricks? The 2,256 x 1,504 display takes advantage of an included Wacom-powered (and now battery-free) stylus, and an 8th-generation Core i7 should give it some brawn in general-purpose tasks. A fingerprint reader along the bezel should help with quick sign-ins as well. The Switch 7 Black Edition should hit stores in December for $1,699 US and €1,999 in Europe. That's pricey by most standards, but it could be justifiable if you want a tablet that can handle Photoshop as well as some nicer laptops.

This isn't Acer's only portable PC on deck. It's also launching the Nitro 5 Spin, a 15.6-inch convertible laptop whose GeForce GTX 1050 makes it well-suited to "casual gaming." Those who don't need gaming-grade hardware can spring for the Spin 5 in 13- and 15-inch flavors (though the larger model has a GTX 1050 option). And if you just want an ultraportable laptop, the Swift 5's combination of 8th-gen Core chips and a sub-2.2lb weight might do the trick. The regular Spin 5 arrives first, shipping in September with a $799/€899 starting price, but it'll be quickly followed up in October by the Nitro 5 Spin ($999/€1,199). The Swift 5 arrives last, hitting shelves in December for $999 in the US and €1,099 in Europe.

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