CBS, Comcast deal brings fantasy football to your cable box

Now there's a CBS fantasy app on the X1 platform, complete with voice control.

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CBS / Comcast
CBS / Comcast

We've seen a few attempts to put fantasy football on TV screens over the years, but despite the game's increasing popularity none have really made an impact (we never did see more fantasy leagues appear for the Xbox One). Now CBS has struck a deal with Comcast to integrate its game with the X1 platform. That's not particularly helpful if you use a different TV setup or have a fantasy league on a different platform, but those are the breaks. If you do have the right combination of circumstances, however, you can keep track of your dominating victory/crushing loss in real time without looking away from the game.

Naturally, it's also integrated with the X1 voice controls, so you can say "show me my fantasy football team" or "my fantasy football team" to launch the app with the absolute least amount of effort. That's something to keep in mind for Sunday's games, although we're sure you've already racked up a lead -- you did start Alex Smith, right?

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