Apple Music's Android app adds voice search and social features

It also adds a recently played widget and new shortcuts.


Apple announced that it would bring your friends' listening habits to Apple Music at WWDC this past summer. iOS users who use the streaming music service will be able to start using the feature after updating to iOS 11. Now, Android-using Apple Music fans will be able to see their friends' listening habits, too, with a new update to the app in the Google Play store.

The updated Android Apple Music app also has a new voice search, a recently played widget and shortcuts to Beats 1 and Search functions. You can touch and hold the home button or say "Ok Google" to play songs, albums, artists and Beats 1 with Apple's music service. You can also show and play music you've recently listened to on your home screen in the new widget. If you tap and hold the Apple Music app icon, you'll have the option to play Beats 1 or start a new search without having to launch the app first.