Transforming vehicles and aerial dogfights are coming to 'GTA Online'

The next bonus content also includes a faux-Batmobile.

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David Lumb
October 6th, 2017
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Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

GTA Online manages to do more than hang on to its playerbase, despite its source game Grand Theft Auto V coming out four years ago. The continual flow of bonus content every other month net studio Rockstar Games over $400 million in Q2 2017. GTA Online has more in store for the next DLC set to release later this month includes races with transforming vehicles, a marked-for-death mode and aerial dogfights.

The next evolution of the game's Stunt Racing feature, Transform Racing does exactly what you think: Sets up courses along Los Santos' streets, harbors and skies and equips players with vehicles that transform mid-race to traverse all three. Two other modes come with the update: Condemned, where one player is marked as a target until they kill another and pass along their death sentence; And Dogfight for aerial combat.

As is typical with GTA Online bonus content, this patch also includes a few extra vehicles: the Hunter attack helicopter looks like an AH-64 Apache gunship painted with a P-40 Warhawk-style shark mouth, the Coil Cyclone is a high-speed supercar, and the Vigilante apes a well-known superhero's ride from the Saturday morning cartoon days. All this content comes to the game at an undisclosed date later in October.

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