Niantic is hosting a 'Pokémon Go' AR photography contest

It's open to players from countries where the app is officially available.

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How good are your Pokémon Go photography skills? We're asking, because Niantic is holding an in-app augmented reality photography contest for all players where Pokémon Go has been officially released. Yep, it's not limited to US residents only, and the winner will get a sweet swag bag containing a poster autographed by the team, a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds and -- this is the best part if you still avidly play the mobile game -- a Go Plus accessory.

You have today until October 25th to join -- simply post your entries on Instagram and tag #PokemonGOcontest. Niantic's last big event, the Pokémon Go Fest, unfortunately turned out to be a huge mess. This one doesn't sound complicated enough to mess up, but you'll probably have to give the developer some time to decide on the best image, since the contest is open to players from countries across the globe.

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