Spotify gives artists real-time stats in a separate iOS app

An Android version of Spotify for Artists is coming soon.

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Swapna Krishna
October 12, 2017 11:02 AM
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Today, Spotify launched another app called Spotify for Artists, one that is exclusively aimed at content creators and their teams. It's currently available on iOS only, but the music streaming service promises that an Android version is coming soon. Note that you have to be verified as an artist with Spotify to use the app, but you can do that on its website.

Using Spotify for Artists, creators can manage their profile and update their bio, artist's pick and playlists from anywhere. You can also access real-time stats for the first week after you release a new single, EP or full-length album. The app also allows you to learn more about your listeners. It provides generalized, aggregated information about the people listening to your music -- age, gender breakdowns, where they're located and other artists they listen to.

Spotify has been huge for new artist discovery. It makes sense that they'd want to cater to this group of people and provide them with an easy way to manage their accounts and check in on stats.

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Spotify gives artists real-time stats in a separate iOS app