Samsung’s cellular smart tag lasts for a week on one charge

The waterproof device can be clipped on to luggage, keys, and even kids.

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Smart products have given us the tools we need to track personal items, and even loved ones. Want to know where your kids are? Buy them a custom smartwatch. Worried about losing your suitcase? Grab some connected luggage. Looking to keep a watchful eye over your pet? Get a webcam-integrated smart toy. But, as useful as they may be, they're still restricted by their category. Sensing a gap in the market for a versatile product that can do all of the above, Samsung is releasing the Connect Tag.

The manufacturer claims the device is the first of its kind to use narrowband tech (NB-IoT, Cat.M1) -- essentially a low-power network for smart products. That means it can last a whole week on a single charge. The square-shaped tag measures in at 4.21cm, and is 1.19cm thick -- making it compact enough to clip on to your keys, kids' backpacks, or dog collars.

The waterproof device boasts a geo-fence feature that alerts you when an item or person has left a set virtual zone. Of course, it also syncs with smart home appliances, allowing you to carry out simple controls, like turning the TV or lights on. However, it does have a few caveats: It only works with an Android app, with no mention of iOS support. Plus, it may not arrive in this part of the world till next year. And, there's also no mention of price, which could prove critical for those looking to buy several. Its first stop will be South Korea, with Samsung promising to release the tag in more countries soon.

Updated: Samsung reached out to Engagdet with news that the Connect Tag will, in fact, support iOS.

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