Snapchat's dumb dancing hot dog is now an $80 Halloween costume

Pivot to hot dogs.

As of today, Snapchat sells three physical products: Spectacles, a charging case for the Spectacles, and a Halloween costume based on its dancing hot dog filter. The company confirmed to Engadget that, yes, it IS officially hawking the getup. So if you really want to spend $80 to look like a meme that briefly crowned the internet earlier this year, here's the link.

Snapchat moved beyond faces to add new animations into photos, AR-style, in November 2016. Somewhere along the way, the company added the hot dog to its list of filters, which sticks in your video boogying to an unheard beat. It's the kind of internet ephemera -- your Grumpy Cats, your Damn, Daniels -- that generate buzz from their absurdity, and then overstay their welcome in the public consciousness as companies belatedly try to monetize them.

Frankly, I'm surprised Snap didn't follow its marketing nose and announce some scripted series with DJ Snapdog, so that's one thing going for this awful alternate reality. If you're set on blowing $80 on outdated internet currency, well, there are worse hot dog costumes to sport. Or, given the internet, you could wait until some copycat app company sells a ripoff outfit for $20.