Bank of America is adding two-factor fingerprint authentication

But only for users with the appropriate hardware.

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PA Archive/PA Images
PA Archive/PA Images

In the wake of recent security breaches, including but certainly not limited to Equifax, Bank of America has stated it will integrate fingerprint-based two-factor authentication into its online banking setup. The financial institution will start using Intel's Online Connect system to ensure customer security at some point in 2018.

Online Connect harnesses security features built into Windows machines running Intel Core processors with fingerprint scanners. The setup relies on this system-based overarching authentication, which automatically inputs your finger-scanned credentials once you enable two-factor security on secure websites -- in this case, Bank of America's. Only customers who have the hardware for Intel's Online Connect will be able to access this particular authentication, Bank of America confirmed to Engadget.

The financial institution also noted that the iPhone X's facial recognition scanner can be used in lieu of other authentication, which is great news for anyone who's already planning to buy the phone and scan their face for everything.

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