The OnePlus 5T goes on sale November 21st

Get a good look at the new phone in a November 16th live event.

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Jessica Conditt
November 6th, 2017
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OnePlus will unveil its new 5T smartphone during a live show on November 16th at 11AM EDT, just five days before the device will actually hit store shelves. The 5T is an upgraded version of this year's surprisingly affordable OnePlus 5, and it's set to go on sale in North America and Europe on November 21st.

A few details about the new phone have already found their way online: Most notably, according to a leaked picture, the 5T's screen stretches from end-to-end. This is a change from the OnePlus 5, which has side bezels.

OnePlus will unveil the 5T at a live show dubbed "A New View" in Brooklyn, New York on November 16th. Anyone hoping to see this sucker first-hand will be able to purchase a ticket to the event starting November 8th at 12PM EDT. Tickets are $40. The whole show will also be live streamed on the official 5T event page.

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