Ubisoft’s next indie game ‘Ode’ is out in the UK

The new 'musical exploration' platformer is also available in the US.

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David Lumb
November 27th, 2017
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A couple years ago, Ubisoft started an incubator at its Reflections Studio to make indie games -- the first of which, the delightful Grow Home, came out in early 2015. Now the same team has released a new title, the relaxing platformer 'experience' Ode.

Similar to the previous titles that came out of Reflections' incubator, Ode is simple. There's no HUD, hints, instructions or threats -- just exploration within its exploratory synaesthesia. In summary, it's a "musical exploration where you gradually bring a world to life through music and light," the game's producer Anne Langouriuex said in Ubisoft's blog post announcing Ode. In it, you play the star Joy who rolls around in a ball gathering glowing celestial fragments, which trail behind the character for use in puzzles -- think Yoshi's Story mechanics mixed with the emotional world of Pixar's Inside Out.

Ode is available now on Ubisoft's UK store for £4.50 and US store for $5.

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