The 2018 CLS will be Mercedes' smartest coupe yet

It sees you when you're sleeping (behind the wheel), it knows when you're awake

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Andrew Tarantola / Engadget
Andrew Tarantola / Engadget

Mercedes showed off its 2018 CLS coupe at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday. In addition to its sleek styling and five full seats, the car will offer a number of autonomous driver assist features that have, until now, been reserved for the company's higher-end models.

The 2018 CLS will offer a variety of active driver assist functions including Mercedes' Distronic smart cruise control system which maintains the vehicle's distance from the one in front of it as well as adjust its speed based on the route and posted speed limits. What's more, it will assist with both changing lanes and staying in your current one by leveraging the car's multiple cameras and radar system.

The Distronic system really shines when it comes to crashing. Should the driver have a medical emergency on the road, the system will autonomously bring the car to a full stop in its lane and even unlock the doors to help first responders get in faster.

Should the car detect an incoming collision from the rear or side, it will activate the Pre-Safe system to minimize the damage to its occupants. The Distronic system will also help keep pedestrians safe thanks to its evasive steering assist feature, which boosts the steering torque should the system detect the driver attempting to dodge a pedestrian.

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The CLS will offer a 362 HP, 3.0 inline six turbo engine with an integrated starter generator, enabling the car to silently turn off and restart its engine at stops and in traffic to reduce emissions and fuel use. There's no price set for it yet, but the new CLS should hit dealer showrooms by Fall of 2018.

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The company also announced on Wednesday that it plans to electrify its lineup by 2022 as part of its EQ program. The company expects to have at least one electric-powered version of each vehicle model available by that time.

What's more, Tobais Moers, Chairman of AMG, revealed the company's Project ONE supercar. It's billed as the world's first street legal Formula 1 vehicle. It features a 6-liter V6, "taken straight from F1 program," according to Moers. The ONE spins up to 11,000 RPM, boasts 1000-plus horsepower and a top speed in excess of 217 MPH. The ONE manages this thanks to an electrically-induced turbocharger, which provides a nearly instantaneous power boost. 120kW electric motors on both front wheels provide the ONE with all-wheel drive.

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The 2018 CLS will be Mercedes' smartest coupe yet