Amazon's Treasure Truck brings deals on wheels to the UK

A convoluted way to redeem exclusive offers.

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Nick Summers
December 1st, 2017

If I said the words "Christmas" and "truck," what would you think of? The Coca-Cola advert, possibly? Well, this holiday season Amazon hopes you'll think about its "Treasure Truck" instead. It's a big blue machine that will be touring London, Manchester and other parts of the UK. Inside are special deals that you can only buy through the Amazon app. Here's how it works: You text "truck" to 87377, then wait for a message detailing the day's "treasure." If you like it, you can buy it through the app (under Programs and Features, followed by Treasure Truck) and pick it up in town.

It's all rather silly, and not very efficient for the consumer — you have to put in the legwork, after all, to find the truck and retrieve your package. Amazon says it'll be worth your while, however, because the "treasure" will be exclusive items including "trending tech, seasonal must-haves, delicious food, favourites from local businesses, amazing deals on limited edition items" and more. There will also be a "delight squad" to meet you in the cold and the occasional celebrity appearance, as well as games and seasonal events. Think of it like a Santa's Grotto on wheels — if Jeff Bezos was Saint Nicholas and the North Pole was a money pool in Seattle.

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