Netflix picks up 'Riverdale' spin-off based on Sabrina Spellman

The streaming titan bought two seasons and twenty episodes of the untitled show.

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David Lumb
December 2, 2017 1:29 AM
Archie Comics
Archie Comics

The CW show Riverdale has been a surprise hit, modernizing the soda pop Archie comics of yore with '90s WB melodrama and a topical murder mystery. So it's no surprise that CW was looking for other shows to spin off from the same comics universe. One, based on the character Sabrina Spellman (of The Teenage Witch fame), was in development at the network in September. Instead, the show is coming to Netflix, which signed a 20-episode two-season deal for the show.

Unlike the cheery '90s ABC show starring Melissa Joan Hart, Netflix's as-yet-unannounced series will likely be based on the darker current comic book, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. But as Deadline points out, moving to the streaming titan means the new show won't be able to cross over with Riverdale, as the CW has done with its DC superhero series to create a connected universe. But at least the new Sabrina project will probably have the same magic: The Riverdale creative team is coming over, with the writer and director of that show's pilot repeating it for Netflix's new series.

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