Google Photos compiles your pics in ‘Smiles of 2017’ video

Take a look at all of your happy moments, if you had any.

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Google wants to give a you look back at the year and it's doing so with a video called "Smiles of 2017" that compiles some of the photos you saved throughout year. The short movies are reportedly between 40 and 60 seconds long and are paired with typical Google Photos video music. While Google Photos had a "Smiles" slideshow last year as well, it appears that more users are getting access to this year's version. The videos are appearing in the Assistant section of the Google Photos app or desktop site and if you have one, a notification should let you know.

Snapchat also released its 2017 lookback -- a Story that collects some of the Snaps you saved to Memories throughout the year -- and Spotify has created a playlist of users' top 100 tracks of 2017. So, if you really want to review this year (understandable if you don't), you have a few options through which you can do so.

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