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ICYMI: The Hoff speaks for AI and MIT builds a mobile 3D printer

Plus, the week's top headlines!

Today on In Case You Missed It: David Hasselhoff stars in a short film about an AI that takes over people's lives and decides what they should do and say. The kicker is that all of The Hoff's lines were written by -- you guessed it -- an AI. As M. Night Shyamalan would say, what a twist!

We also take a look at MIT's newest homebuilding tool, a gigantic tank-treaded 3D printer called the Digital Construction Platform. It's armed with all sorts of appendages, including extruders, welding guns and scoop buckets. In just over 13 hours, this thing managed to construct a 12-foot tall, 50-foot wide igloo out of quick-setting foam. That's the largest structure ever built by a bot!

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