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'Matterfall' brings frantic sci-fi shooting to PS4 on August 15th

It's bound to please the 'Contra' crowd.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
06.12.17 in AV

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Wondering when you'll get to see Matterfall, the next side-scroller from the Resogun creators at Housemarque? You won't have to wait too long. Housemarque and Sony have revealed that Matterfall will reach the PS4 on August 15th. It's not quite as visually luscious as the 2015 trailer suggested (that was clearly a cinematic scene meant to whet your appetite), but it still looks tantalizing if you're a fan of Housemarque's frantic shooters.

Effectively, it's an amped-up take on Contra. You're a lone warrior dodging a hail of projectiles as you fight against and control a strange material known as Smart Matter. We can see this being extremely challenging (if Resogun is any indication), but it might also be satisfying when you finally defeat a boss or clear a level.

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