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Google makes its government snooping reports clearer

Googl has redesigned its Transparency Report portal to show data more clearly.
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Google's Transparency Report can be overwhelmingly tough to navigate, especially if it's your first time looking at all the data requests the company gets. To make things easier to understand, the big G has redesigned its interface to show clearer data visualizations and add more context for each type of information. More importantly, though, the overhauled report now features a Recent Updates section. You can simply hop over to it to get an overview of the latest government and law enforcement requests since your last visit.

Google also took the chance to make the whole portal look more consistent, since some sections created at different times featured different designs. Finally, Google has added an easier way to download some of its most popular reports from previous years, so you can quickly access old info if you ever need it.

In the company's announcement, it explained why it decided to give its transparency report a transformation:

"We're continuing to invest in this report because we've seen firsthand how it can help inform and shape the public debate about information online. The data also acts as a lens into significant moments in the history of the web, fundamental changes to security, and our efforts to be transparent about data and how it is used."

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