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Gboard on iOS adds YouTube and Maps everywhere there's a keyboard

Now you're only a few taps away from Russian dash-cam videos wherever you are.

Gboard might not be the fastest input method for your device, but that doesn't negate its utility. Swapping to it within a text message thread or Facebook Messenger is faster than jumping into another app to get, say, an image from Google and then copying and pasting the link.

Now, Google is adding Maps and YouTube to the party on iOS and they work how you'd expect, with dedicated tabs that appear when you hit the G button. Sending your location is like dropping a GPS pin in iMessage and searching for a YouTube clip is as easy as doing so within its app. Hell, you can even submit your own digital finger-paintings as Doodle candidates.

These add-ons are cool (and useful!), but it'd be great to see Google add some quality of life improvements like and key-press speed or Gmail syncing for predictive text. You know, stuff SwiftKey has offered for years.

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