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Lowe’s Iris smart home system can connect to your Nest thermostat

Control the temperature in your house with the Iris app and smart hub.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
08.16.17 in Home

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Home improvement retailer Lowe's continues to update its Iris smart home system. Originally released in 2014, it added mobile set up, remote monitoring and subscription-based emergency services to it's offered services. Now you can manage your home's temperature with Iris, via a new integration with the Nest learning thermostat.

Like Apple's Homekit system, Iris aims to connect all your smart devices with one interface. Lowe's system uses a Smart Hub that now will work to control a third-generation Nest from anywhere. You can change the temperature or mode of your Nest via the Iris mobile app, add it to a Scene to control several smart devices at once, and even have the thermostat respond to specific temperature or humidity rules already in Iris. The company promises even more integration with Nest over time, as well.

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