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Alexa can brief you on the latest in music news

'Today in Music' is for all you music lovers with an Echo.

Alexa's Flash Briefings can help start your day by telling you about the latest headlines from various news sources and podcasts. Now, the voice assistant can also tell you what's going on about your favorite musicians. Amazon has launched "Today in Music" to provide you updates about the newest music news, releases, events and music-related Prime and Unlimited features, as well as to dole out music trivia and to hear exclusive commentary from artists. Everything will be curated by "the experts at Amazon Music," who'll also squeeze in tidbits about the playlists or stations they've just launched.

To switch the skill on, just add it as a Flash Briefing through the Alexa app or get it from the page Amazon has published for it. You can also simply give Alexa the command to "enable Today in Music." Once it's active, you can listen to music news whenever you want by asking the voice assistant "what's in the news" or "what's my Flash Briefing." Sounds easy enough to activate -- there's no reason not to if you have an Alexa-enabled device and hated yourself for missing Taylor's new single when it dropped.

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