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Indiegogo's Marketplace sells successfully-funded projects

The site could bring more visibility to launched products.

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Indiegogo has become a viable alternative to Kickstarter for crowd-funding projects in the last few years. It's not just small projects, either — big names like IBM, Honeywell and Atari have used the site to pull in funding. Now the crowd-sourcing company is looking to help successfully-funded initiatives get attention after they launch, as well. The company has launched a new Marketplace page where you can find a ton of gadgets, devices and other products that you can purchase directly from the site.

The marketplace section's homepage currently has a smart nightlight, an ultra-portable grill, a battery-life extender sleeve, a smart VPN router and a STEM learning project box for kids and hobbyists, among others. You can filter the marketplace view by category, like Tech & Innovation, Creative Works and Community Projects, too. Each of these larger categories have several sub-categories, as well, like Art, Comics, Film, Music and Video Games under Creative Works. You can also filter what shows on the marketplace page by whether the crowd-funded projects are "just launched" or "ending soon." If nothing else, Indiegogo is now a place that project creators can sell their stuff to folks who didn't get in on the initial funding phase.

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