Introducing Engadget's 2017 holiday gift guide!

119 picks in just about every category you could imagine.


    Behold: our 2017 holiday gift guide, where we've curated 119 recommendations, running the gamut from laptops and fitness trackers, to smart speakers and kitchen gear, to apps and services, to video games and Blu-ray box sets. Oh, and for the first time since Engadget started publishing gift guides, we have a section dedicated to toys and coding kits. That might just be our favorite.

    One difference this time around: We've formatted our guide not in galleries, but in one neatly laid-out page that's as easy to navigate on mobile as it is on the desktop. Feel free to peruse everything at once, or try filtering by price. You can also jump straight into the Gear, Gaming and Entertainment tabs, at which point we'll give you some sub-categories to help you narrow down your selections further (say, if you wanna get something for the PC gamer in your life). Enjoy, and happy shopping!

    A note on prices: We've mostly included MSRPs, but if we noticed what appeared to be an across-the-board price drop, we went with that. Keep in mind that real-world prices are likely to vary -- sometimes you can find a surprise deal, and sometimes short supply means you'll pay a premium.

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