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These new Honda concept mobility robots are adorable

The company is unveiling four at CES this year.

At CES 2018, Honda is set to unveil its 3E Robotics Concept robots. These are aimed at making people's lives easier through the use of robots, with a focus on helping those with mobility issues navigate their homes and the outside world. There are four robots in total: 3E-A18 is a companion robot designed to show compassion, while 3E-B18 is a mobility chair designed for indoor and outdoor use. The 3E-C18 appears to be a mobility concept vehicle with cargo space, while 3E-D18 is an autonomous off-road vehicle.

Additionally, Honda will feature its Mobile Power Pack World at CES, which is focused on EVs. It includes a portable and swappable battery pack for electric vehicles, as well as charging solutions for at home, out and about and during a natural disaster.

It's incredible to think how these robots will help people, but it's also nice to see the thought that went into their design. Too often, aesthetics are a second thought, but they are actually crucial to whether people want to interact with a device or not. Each of these robots is adorable, and they are something people who need assistance will likely want in their homes.

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