Whill's new electric wheelchair is light, portable and fast

The Model Ci is available now for $4,000.

Updated ·1 min read

Whill's electric wheelchair picked up the award for Best Accessibility Tech in last year's Best of CES, and now it's back with a newer, lighter and more portable version of that vehicle. The Model Ci uses a lithium-ion battery and can travel 10 miles on one charge, with a top speed of five miles per hour. (We took the Model Ci for a brief spin and we're happy to confirm 5 MPH is plenty fast for everyday navigation; it's a light jogging speed). That battery makes it lightweight, too; the entire thing weighs 115 pounds. The Model Ci is available today for $4,000.

Another new feature in the Model Ci is its ability to break into three parts for easy packing. Whill's wheels are specially designed, each one containing 24 separate rollers that allow the chair to move smoothly in any direction. All of this is controlled via a joystick on the right armrest, though the chair also connects to an app, which allows users to control it remotely via a smartphone.

Whill is continuing its award streak -- it's already won a CES 2018 Innovation award for the Model Ci.

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