NextVR lets you peek around players while watching VR sports

It's also expanding to augmented reality.

Watching concerts and sports in VR is great up until someone blocks the camera's view. Unlike in real life, you can't really poke your head around... or can you? NextVR wants to make that happen -- it's introducing six-degrees-of-freedom movement to on-demand VR videos. If a player or ref is getting in the way of a sweet play, you can just lean over to see what you're missing. The feature is coming sometime in 2018, and there are promises of 6DOF movement for live videos sometime after that.

The company's other breakthrough, meanwhile, doesn't require a headset at all. It's preparing augmented reality support (shown below) that brings its digital content to your own physical spaces through your phone. Support won't arrive until mid-2018, but this promises to make NextVR's tech considerably more accessible when few people have headsets.

And if you are an early adopter, there's one more thing: NextVR is promising higher-resolution content to take advantage of more advanced VR headsets. You'll see the first wave of upgraded material sometime in early 2018.

NextVR's augmented reality

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