Fitbit, Fossil and Samsung on the challenges for wearables in 2018

Execs from the companies joined us on the first day of the Engadget CES stage.

The first official day of CES 2018 is all wrapped up, and things were quite busy at the Engadget CES stage. Along with people like GoPro CEO Nick Woodman joining us at the show, we had other companies from the tech industry there as well. In one of our chats, we talked to executives from Fitbit, Fossil and Samsung about where they see wearables going in 2018, and what will be the biggest challenges ahead for the category. A main point of emphasis was that moving battery life from days to months is key to the success of wearables in the long term, which may seem obvious but will continue to be a main topic of discussion until there's a major breakthrough.

You can watch highlights from the panel here, and below are the full names of the execs onstage.

  1. Elina Vives, senior director of marketing, mobile computing and wearables, Samsung Electronics America

  2. Melanie Chase, VP of brand marketing, Fitbit

  3. Preston Moxcey, VP of connected devices, Fossil Group

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