This might be the Game Boy's ultimate form

Made from aluminum, still has a Game Boy link port.

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Hyperkin is working on something for retro gamers looking to retire any venerable Game Boys that have seen better days. The aluminum-hewn Project Ultra GB might be the hardware you need to break out your old Game Boy hits. It takes the original cartridges, as well as keeping the dimensions of the Game Boy Pocket and those iconic simple controls.

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Not much has changed -- in a good way -- but I really liked the idea (and feel) of a metal Game Boy. While controls and design haven't changed, Hyperkin does plan to upgrade the audio-out for anyone that likes to make their own chip tunes with old Nintendo tech: This prototype will evolve to include left and right audio for stereo as well as an audio amp. The team is even trying to add LSDJ chip tune software to the device internally.

Beyond audio, the final device will also have a USB-C charging port (it's currently rocking an old-school AC port), while the screen will include an RGB wheel to cycle through color options, including that classic yellowish-greenish palette of the very first Game Boy. More details are set to come at E3 2018, with a production unit scheduled to appear -- including that all-important price. Hyperkin says it expects the device to cost less than $100.

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