Recommended Reading: The excess of the Olympics

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|02.10.18

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Corbis via Getty Images
Corbis via Getty Images

How the Olympics got Disneyfied
Michael Weinreb,
The Atlantic

No matter which country hosts the Olympics, the Opening Ceremony is always jam-packed with over-the-top futuristic visuals and tons of culture. It's a display "financial and cultural excess," as The Atlantic's Michael Weinreb describes it, and it all got started in the US during the 1960 Winter Games in Squaw Valley.

How Facebook is killing comedy
Sarah Aswell, Splitsider

The Facebook effect on sites like Funny or Die is real, especially when it comes to getting content out to their audience.

Four days, $245 million: How Waymo v. Uber came to an end
Dara Kerr, CNET

CNET's Dara Kerr closely followed the court proceedings this week and offers a quick rundown of how the two companies reached a settlement.

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