Netflix will let parents block individual movies and shows

It’s also changing how it displays maturity level ratings.

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Netflix announced today that it will soon be rolling out a new tool for parents. Already, parents can manage what their kids watch by putting all content above a particular maturity level behind a PIN or by marking which accounts belong to a child. But soon, parents will also be able to require a PIN for certain shows or movies. This way, parents won't have to block full levels of content if they don't want to and can instead just keep their children from watching certain titles. Additionally, maturity level ratings will also be displayed more noticeably on the screen when a new title begins playing.

Netflix's changes come as a number of companies are working to make their platforms more child-appropriate. Apple plans to introduce more parental controls to its devices in the near future and YouTube recently had to deal with some disturbing content that was parading as kid-friendly. Gadgets geared towards children have also come under scrutiny as privacy concerns mount and Facebook's new Messenger Kids app has attracted criticism for encouraging kids to spend more time on digital devices.

Netflix says its new controls will be rolling out in the coming months and that it's also looking into how to make maturity level ratings more descriptive and easier to understand.

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