'Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker' heads to Nintendo Switch and 3DS

It will be available on July 13th.

Nintendo is giving you another chance to play Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker if you completely missed it on the Wii U. The gaming giant is releasing the puzzle game for the Switch and the 3DS -- it's even adding new levels and mechanics to amp it up for the new consoles. In the game, you play as Captain Toad in a platformer environment, but instead of being able to jump over and slide under obstacles, you'll have to create paths for the Captain.

The Switch version has a two-player mode, where you can control the Captain with one Joy-Con while a friend can play assist against enemies with another controller. On the 3DS, the game will have touchscreen controls and 3D visuals. Both will have extra miniature courses based Super Mario Odyssey, where Captain Toad had a cameo, so you're not missing any content whichever you choose. The game will come out for the Switch and the 3DS on July 13th, the same release date for Square Enix's new RPG Octopath Traveler.