‘Pokémon Go’ fetch quests could bring you closer to Mew

A mythical carrot if there ever was one.

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Timothy J. Seppala
March 26th, 2018
Isabel Infantes/Empics Entertainment
Isabel Infantes/Empics Entertainment

Well over a year later, Niantic is adding more traditional gameplay to Pokémon Go. Soon, you'll be able to tackle "Research Tasks." Essentially, they're fetch-quests like you'd find in a typical RPG. The carrot on the string? Finding out if the "series of mysterious happenings" in the game are related to Mew, the illusive psychic, Mythical Pokémon. You'll pick up normal research tasks (finding and catching predetermined pocket monsters, battling) from Pokéstops, while "Special Research" objectives from Professor Willow are rather ambiguous.

The rewards break down as such: completing one Field Research Task will earn you one Stamp, and if you collect seven of those you'll snag a Research Breakthrough, with the tease that you could encounter a Legendary pocket monster.

The update starts rolling out this week, just in time for spring and the ensuing warmer weather. Will it be enough to draw people to parks and public places to start catching again? Or, were they all turned off by the disastrous Chicago meet-up last year? We'll have to wait and see.

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