Google's Gmail redesign will display your calendar or to-do list

If the leaked screenshots are to be believed, that is.

Yesterday, Google warned G Suite administrators about an impending Gmail redesign. We weren't expecting to hear much more about it for a few weeks, but The Verge has gotten their hands on screenshots of the new design.

The email yesterday revealed that Google plans to make G Suite apps, like Google Calendar, more accessible from the Gmail web interface. The screenshot below from The Verge confirms that -- it shows a clean design, with a sidebar for Google Calendar at the left hand of the screen. The sidebar can actually be customized depending on what you use the most to show Google Calendar, Keep or Tasks.

Indeed, Google is apparently completely overhauling Google Tasks as a part of this refresh. It's traditionally been a to-do list that was built into your Gmail window, and it still will be that. The user interface will just be much better, according to Android Authority.

When it comes to your inbox view, there will be three different options, according to The Verge. The default view will bring attachments front and center, while a "comfortable" view won't highlight attachments. For those who like the existing Gmail design, the compact view will probably be your best bet. It will allow you to see more messages on a single page.

All in all, this redesign looks very streamlined and clean. It's hard to adjust to change, but it sounds like Google made some really smart choices when it comes to how they redesigned Gmail. The sidebar feature will certainly make it easier to schedule meetings and manage your work day from a single page, which is probably Google's goal with this redesign.

Image: The Verge