Alexa can help improve your ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ K/D ratio

A new free skill offers mid-game AI coaching.

Amazon has been adding some pretty mainstream entertainment skills, like recapping NBA and NHL scores. But now you can ask the voice assistant how you did in your last Call of Duty: WWII match, too. The new skill, available in beta, will use AI and machine learning to give personalized tips to improve your play in, of course, a soldier-sounding voice.

According to a press release, the skill considers several factors like accuracy, movement, engagement distance, relationship distance and the all-important K/D to make custom recommendations. Users can ask for them in the middle of a match or after for a retrospective performance summary for something like an on-command coach experience.

You can also bug Alexa to see if your friends are currently playing and to compare your stats and achievements with theirs. The skill can also rattle off the latest in-game news, like events and game updates, which could be handy if you don't have time to scan patch notes for balance changes. All in all, it's a free plug-in on any Alexa device, which could be the harbinger of other AI game coaches...assuming the skill's advice lives up to the hype.