Instagram Stories now allows multiple photo and video uploads at once

Up to ten photos or videos can be uploaded at a time.

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Instagram will now let users upload multiple pictures and videos to their Stories at once. When uploading media, you'll now see an icon at the top right corner of your screen and tapping it will allow you to select up to ten photos or videos at a time. They'll upload in the order in which you select them and you can edit each one individually. Additionally, when sharing a photo, even if you're not in the area where you took it, Instagram's location sticker will suggest places near the spot where you snapped the photo.

Recently, Instagram also introduced the capability to take a portrait-like photo with a new Focus mode and began testing its version of Snapchat's Snapcodes that let users follow someone else by scanning a custom tag rather than inputting their info.

The new bulk upload feature is rolling out now to Android users now. It will launch on iOS in the coming weeks.

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