Hulu's new guide provides fast access to live TV

Only a few devices can use it right now, however.

Hulu has gradually improved access to its live TV service over the past year. Now, however, it's ready for a proper overhaul. The streaming provider has launched a new live TV guide that promises speedier access to channels. If you have an Amazon Fire TV, a recent Apple TV, a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One, you can quickly see what's airing (including your most recently viewed channels) and either watch or record them. You'll also find a lightning bolt near the home icon that jumps directly to live TV on the last channel you watched. Needless to say, that could prove a time-saver if you're a sports fan who usually returns to the same channel.

As you might have noticed, the device list has conspicuous omissions like smart TVs and Roku players. Hulu has promised expanded support "soon," though, so it's ultimately a matter of time. And the guide by itself reflects Hulu's shifting priorities -- live TV is now on more equal footing with its on-demand counterpart.