YouTube can now tell you who made the music in that video

It can now credit musicians even in fan-made uploads.

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Next time the background music in a YouTube video sounds so good you just have to know who made it, click "Show More" underneath. The platform has introduced a new section in its description box that shows the artists, songwriters, labels and publishers behind the music in a video. It will also include a link to the track's official video and the artist's official channel whenever they're available. The feature will be available for over half a billion uploads on the platform, even if they're only fan-made ones like beauty tutorials or random vlogs, starting today.

That's only a small chunk of the billions of uploads on YouTube, though, because to fill the new "Music in this video" section, YouTube needs data from either its Content ID technology or from one of its partnerships with music labels and publishers. The platform scans videos against a database of files upon upload, and if it recognizes the tracks they're using, the listing will include the new section.

YouTube says it plans to expand "the scope and quality of data to ensure all creators are credited as completely and accurately as possible" through its industry partnerships. Unfortunately, musicians who aren't part of a label or haven't been granted the use of Content ID will just have to work with the uploader to get credit for their work.

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